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Waste Management

Waste Services

Waste and Recycling Services

States Works operates Guernsey's Waste Transfer Station manage the processing of residual waste, food waste and glass, as well as the Household Waste Recycling Centre and Longue Hougue Reclamation, Mont Cuet Landfill and Chouet Green Waste sites.

In addition, we are responsible for the environmental monitoring of waste management operations and legacy landfill sites using landfill gas and leachate abstraction equipment.

Waste collections

States Works provides household waste and recycling collection for a range of clients including some of the Parish Douzaines and these services include the separate collection of general refuse; food waste; glass; tins, cans and plastic bottles; paper and cardboard. Contact us/email/call us to find out more.  

Guernsey's public waste and recycling bins including coastal ones are also managed and emptied by our team.


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Hazardous waste

The Hazardous Waste Service arranges the collection, storage and disposal of flammable waste, corrosive and toxic chemicals from both domestic and commercial premises. Domestic collections are free but commercial waste incurs a charge calculated to cover the cost of disposal. Common chemicals handled include flammable solvents, herbicides and pesticides, strong acids and bases. Should you need any advice regarding the disposal of any waste chemicals please contact us via email at


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