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Our business plan

States Works provide social and economic benefits to the Island and its community as well as the provision of vital services to ensure the resilience of States infrastructure.

The States of Guernsey Medium Term Financial Plan is a key component of Phase 2 of the Policy and Resource Plan and presents a fiscal strategy covering the term 2017 - 2021. This is designed to ensure the finances of the States of Guernsey can support the delivery of the outcomes set out in the Policy and Resource Plan.

It is estimated that over the plan period, a total net financial improvement to the baseline of £40m is necessary to close the current deficit. Each States Committee will be targeting reductions in expenditure which will in turn impact on their expenditure on services provided by States Works on their behalf.

The effect of these efficiency targets present conflicting pressures on States Works as it tries to balance contributing to the States trading entities target return, whilst providing its States of Guernsey clients with realisable efficiencies and savings. These efficiencies will contribute towards the target reductions in expenditure of individual States Committees.

This Business Plan takes account of the current situation and sets out an interim plan to both seek to drive service efficiencies, engage closely with our existing clients and grow our business through identifying new opportunities that are consistent with our business model.

In accordance with our current 2018-2020 Business Plan, we have set out how we aim deliver our services to our customers and the Island using 5 business outcomes;

Outcome 1 - Providing value for our customers and increasing our profile

What do we want to achieve?

• Better customer and customer engagement. 
• Reach a wider audience 
• To understand customer needs and value of existing and future services. 
• Show value for money and strong performance 


Outcome 2 - A well maintained built and natural environment and infrastructure

What do we want to achieve? 

• To provide a clean and attractive environment for islanders and visitors.
• To encourage the community to take pride and work together to maintain the environment. 
• To develop a holistic approach to environmental management. 
• To continually improve our key services to maintain and enhance island infrastructure. 
• To embrace emerging technologies to reduce our carbon footprint.


Outcome 3 - Making a return in the interest of our Islanders

What do we want to achieve? 

• The provision of efficient, reliable and services that are value for money. 
• To make a return in the best interests of the States and the island. 
• To develop new revenue opportunities which support States Strategic aims and objectives 
• To develop new business opportunities aimed at maximising our assets and amortising costs.
• To develop asset management and planning to maximise the efficiency of our infrastructure and assets. 


Outcome 4 - Consolidate and develop our business working with partners

What do we want to achieve? 

• To review customer needs and understand how to adapt current services to meet these. 
• Promote and develop existing services and explore new business opportunities in favour of those that do not give value for money. 
• To enhance efficiency and effectiveness using performance management


Outcome 5 - Emergency Response and business continuity 

What do we want to achieve?

• To evidence the need of provision of an emergency & incident response resource and ensure a robust future business model.
• To develop business continuity management planning.
• To assist the States of Guernsey in the operational aspects of crisis management & business continuity planning.

Our 2018-2020 business plan can be viewed as a PDF by clicking on this link:
pdf icon States Works Business Plan 2018-2020 [4Mb]

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