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Highway Services


We undertake resurfacing, reconstruction and repair work to Guernsey's public highways as part of a Service Level Agreement with the Traffic and Highway section of the States of Guernsey. In addition, the section are responsible for erecting bus shelters across the island and have the ability to install bollards to secure private parking. We are also available to provide highway furniture including tactile paving and block paving. We do also undertake private work, please enquire using the telephone number above if you would like a quote. 

Carriere Lane 2

Signs and Lines

This team is responsible for painting and maintaining all the road markings we see on our public highways. Private contracts for surface markings such as car parks, sports markings (on all hard surfaces), sports pitches or courts and playground markings are also undertaken. 

The team are responsible for the signing of road closures, unplanned incidents and public or major events such as Liberation Day, where the team can place out, move and collect anything up to 1,000 crowd barriers and all the signs and diversions that go with such events.

Highways - signs and lines examples





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