In An Emergency


Who We Are

As one of the States of Guernsey Trading Assets (SoGTA) under the auspices of the States Trading Supervisory Board (STSB), States Works is an unincorporated self-funding Trading Asset that provides municipal and maintenance services to its predominately States of Guernsey (SoG) client base on a formal contract basis. This is achieved by utilising the skills and expertise of a predominantly manual workforce of approximately 200 staff, and specialist vehicles, plant and equipment. These resources not only complement the essential day to day services that we provide, but they also support the provision of an emergency response resource whereby we operate a resilient call out service ready to respond to any unplanned incidents and / or emergencies. 

States Works receives no direct funding or subsidy from the States of Guernsey, and operates an independent trading account from which all operational and capital expenditure is funded.

Our mission is:

'A community focussed provider of essential environmental and infrastructure services, operating for the long-term benefit of the island'

Our business plan has been designed with the above mission in mind, whereby we have set ourselves a series of outcomes that we will work to achieve within the next two to three years:

  • Our People

Aim - To better respond to changing client needs and expectations through implementing and embracing a new operating model.  This by means of seeking to influence the necessary cultural change and by putting in place the organisational changes, systems and procesess required to create a well-respected, flexible, competent and skilled workforce working in the best interests of islanders'.

  • Our Customers

Aim - We will listen to and understand the needs of our customers and provide services that are well respected, trusted, and valued.

  • Information Technology and Data

Aim - We will invest in maintaining and updating our systems, technologically enabling our staff to support service improvements and the delivery of a consistently high standard of service.

  • Resource optimisation (assets, people, systems and processes)

Aim - To embrace technology and innovative ways of working to deliver improved services and to achieve positive outcomes for customers and staff.  This within a culture that empowers and engages staff to maximise their potential and their contribution to the business.

  • Community and Environment

Aim - We aim to undertake our activities in a way that contributes to the economic, social, and environmental wellbeing of the island.

  • A return in the best interest of islanders

Aim - We will seek to achieve a reasonable balance between financial returns and costs to the community by seeking to embed a new, financially sustainable operating model.

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