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Customer Charter

The team at States Works actively seek to better understand our customers, their needs and expectations. Our Customer Promises are as follows: -


Courteous and fair

  • All customers will be treated with respect.
  • We will provide a consistent and professional service to all our customers.


Timely and efficient

  • We will ensure we meet our contractual obligations within agreed timeframes.   
  • We will ensure all our services are provided in a reasonable time frame and to the appropriate quality and standard.
  • We will respond to your enquiries within a reasonable time frame and keep you informed and updated on progress.


Accessible and provide choice 

  • We will communicate clearly, and in variety of ways to ensure information is available to as many people as possible.


Accurate and relevant

  • Our information will be up to date and relevant.  
  • Our staff will be appropriately informed about our services and will be able to share their knowledge and understanding with customers. 


Provide the opportunity to give feedback and be heard

  • We want to hear from our customers and we will provide you the opportunity to tell us what you think about our services, using a range of tools.  
  • We will listen to and respond to your feedback.
  • Our staff will be regularly informed of customer feedback.  


Supporting the States of Guernsey Customer Charter

States Works will also deliver upon the customer promises enshrined in the States of Guernsey Customer Charter.  You can view the charter on the link below and download a copy including a large print version. Please note that this link is not managed by States Works and will take you away from this website.

States of Guernsey Customer Charter




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