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Emergency Response Resource

Ever wondered who helps to clear debris after a high tide or a storm?  Who layers the roads with special grit and de-icer when it's snowing?  Or who cleans up oil spills from the roads?  That's us! 

States Works responds to a range of incidents and emergencies through the operation of a 24/7 island wide emergency call out service.  Regardless of what day it is, we always have an expert team on-call ready to respond to such situations and help enable Islander's to carry on with their normal day.   

Remember Storm Ciara in 2020 that completely battered the west coast?  Here are some pictures to remind you.

Storm Ciara Pebbles  Storm Ciara Seaweed

Our staff worked really hard to help clear the huge amount of debris left on the roads and in driveways from its visit.   

Storm Ciara Tractor

We will do our best to assist in any situation.  More recently we assisted with the bird flu pandemic with our staff collecting dead birds from local beaches to make sure they were not handled by members of the public.


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Being prepared

It's important that we keep on top of the news and weather forecasts so we can make sure we are prepared for events that may cause disruption to the island. We keep a stock of de-icer and grit to apply to critical routes if we get any snow over the winter. 

Most of our staff will continue working, even during snowy conditions.  Our essential vehicles (such as sewage tankers and refuse compactors) will be furnished with chains for their wheels so they can drive safely during these conditions. 

Did you know that we have a Business Continuity Plan which helps us manage unplanned events?  It was recently tested during the COVID-19 pandemic and is regularly reviewed to make sure we can still deliver core services during unusual times.

How to report an emergency

To report an emergency, please call JESCC on 01481 222222 who will contact our duty Co-Ordinator to deal with the call. 

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