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Did you know? The HWRC is open to the public for the disposal of household items which are then recycled, reused or discarded

Did you know? We also operate Longue Hougue Land Reclamation, Mont Cuet and the Chouet Green Waste sites

Waste and Recycling Services

This is a diverse section of the business employing many staff in a range of roles.  States Works operates the following sites on behalf of our Client, Guernsey Waste:

Waste Transfer Station 

Based in the purpose built facility, here is where the sorting and processing of general waste (black bags), glass, food, and recyclables (blue and clear bags) takes place.  Our teams use specialist plant and equipment to ensure that waste is sorted and prepared for onward processing.

WTS glass hall  

Household Waste and Recycling Centre (HWRC)

The HWRC is open to the public for the disposal of household items which are then recycled, reused, or discarded.  Our staff operate the site six days per week (closed Thursdays) on behalf of Guernsey Waste, which means you can access the site during weekends making the service more accessible to customers.  

Mont Cuet Landfill and Chouet Green Waste 

Based in the north of the island, the former sole working landfill site of Mont Cuet is still operational for accepting and processing commercial green waste, asbestos and other materials that are not suitable for processing at the Waste Transfer Station.  The Chouet Green Waste site is open seven days per week for members of the public to dispose of their green waste free of charge.  Our teams then carefully process the material on site into a soil conditioner, this material can be collected free of charge by members of the public or businesses for enhancing their soil.   

Longue Hougue Land Reclamation  

Based at Bulwer Avenue, a small team of Operatives accept inert (building rubble, soils, and rock etc) material on this site which is placed into dedicated cells to reclaim land.  

The following services are also provided by States Works on behalf of Guernsey Waste:

Refuse and recycling collections

We are pleased to serve the parishes of St Peter Port, St Sampsons, and Castel in the provision of their household kerbside waste and recycling collections.  Our staff work hard in all weathers and throughout the year in the depth of the night and into the early hours of the morning to retrieve your refuse and recycling.  

Environmental monitoring 

We employ a small team to monitor and record data on ten current and historic landfill sites across the island.  This specialised role involves taking samples of ground water, leachate and landfill gases produced by the degradation of organic waste.  This to ensure that these are suitably managed, so they do not have a negative impact on the surrounding local environment.  At both Mont Cuet and Bordeaux, landfill gas is actively extracted through a network of pipes and burned off at specialist flares.    

Hazardous Waste

We provide a service to collect, store and dispose of flammable waste, corrosive and toxic chemicals from both domestic and commercial premises in a safe and appropriate manner. Common chemicals handled include flammable solvents, herbicides and pesticides, strong acids and bases. Should you need any advice regarding the disposal of any waste chemicals please contact us via email at  Please note that charges may be incurred for the storage and disposal of commercial hazardous waste.

Other Waste Collections

We have a dedicated team who provide waste collection from public bins across the island including coastal bins and dog waste bins. These collections are undertaken 363 days per year with the only exceptions being Christmas Day and New Years Day. 


More Services

Waste and Recycling Services - Our Team

We employ a range of staff in this section, from Driver / Plant Operators to Weighbridge Operators and Overnight Refuse and Re-cycling staff.  Many of the staff in this area of the business require a Category C driving licence to be able to operate our specialist plant and equipment, but we also employ a number of trainees in this section and help them to obtain their licence.  

Staff working in Waste Services will often support one another by working across the various sites in order to deliver this essential service.  If you would like to discuss a career in Waste Services, please contact us to find out more!.

Who to contact

If for any reason your refuse bag hasn't been collected as expected, please in the first instance contact your parish office to arrange for this to be retrieved.

Constables of St Peter Port - 01481 720014 -

Constables of St Sampsons - 01481 244130 -

Constables of Castel - 01481 255644 -

Thank you!

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