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Did you know? This team is responsible for displaying road signage on behalf of our Client

Signs and Lines


This small team based at La Hure Mare undertakes a range of services on behalf of our Client, Traffic and Highway Services, as well as completing some projects for a small number of private Clients.  The team is responsible for line painting many of the markings in public areas, including on our highways such as the centre lines, yellow lines and filter in turns using a range of specialist equipment including a ride on line marking machine.

We are pleased to undertake private work and are always happy to receive enquiries from new customers.  Some of the private work we undertake includes painting special markings in school playgrounds (for children's activities), commercial and private roads and car parks.  Such work nicely compliments the more routine line marking work and provides a bit of variety to the team.  We are always happy to discuss what we can offer, so if you would be interested in obtaining a quote from us please contact us and we will be happy to provide more information.

As well as undertaking line painting work, this team is responsible for installing and maintaining fixed, permanent and temporary road signage (such as road closures, diversions, suspended parking etc) on behalf of our Client.  Quite often, Operatives will do this during the early hours of the morning so as not to disrupt our day.  One of the team is always on-call throughout the week - including weekends, to be available to place signage in emergency situations such as flooding, or burst water mains / electrical faults.

Signs and Lines Parking Bay

Signs and Lines Burnt Lane

Contact us to find out if we have any vacancies in this team! 

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Signs and Lines - Our Team

Operatives in this section start work in the early hours of the morning to display road signs so as not to disrupt our day.  This means some of the team have finished their working day by lunchtime.  Some of the team do work some hours over the weekend but this is always complimented with a day off during the week.  

Contact us to find out if we have any vacancies in this team! 

Service Alert

Concerned about flooding?  Did you know that we sell pre-filled sandbags for £6.95 that could help minimise damage to your property caused by excess water.  It is handy to have some of these tucked away for the winter months if you know your property is prone to flooding.  Call into our Stores to purchase a sandbag if you would like to be prepared ahead of more rain.

Upcoming works - signs and lines

It's a busy period for our small signs and lines team who are preparing to deliver crowd barriers for the special events season.  

We hope those of you attending the various shows over the coming weeks enjoy them!

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